By FASS on November 03, 2018


Educational Through Martial Arts" is the philosophy which the New Breed incorporates, to resolve conflicts, whether the conflicts are external (outside forces) or internal (the inner self). Learning to resolve conflict through martial arts technically means practicing self-control, patience, self-respect, and non-violence. Education through Martial Arts will help students to build a foundation of good strong morals, spiritual values and psychological discipline.

The New Breed incorporates its instructors, other school administrators, counselors, and parents, as well as the philosophy, to assist young people to lead healthier, happier lives, and to fulfill their physical, emotional, social and spiritual needs. The "Education Through Martial Arts" philosophy is very important because it teaches young people to be kind, courteous, intelligent human beings. The greatest gift that we have to offer young people in the martial arts is development of character and values that create capable and responsible citizens in the world. Students should be taught in a practical, fun, and humane manner. Everyone will lead much happier lives.

We begin by teaching the skills of non-violent conflict resolution. Martial arts are intended to stop conflict. "Education through Martial Arts" involves a mental program which teaches the student to avoid physical confrontation. The "Education through Martial Arts" curriculum will teach mental self-defense, along with physical self-defense. Sharp mental conditioning provides the student with confidence to resolve conflict before the conflict becomes physical. When young people learn to use their minds to defend themselves, as well as, as acquire the ability to defend themselves physically, then understanding human nature begins. Fear, hurt, and defenselessness are shared human emotions and reactions. When students become aware of, and come face to face with these emotions, they enter the spiritual realm of martial arts.

The most important part of martial arts training is to become in touch with oneself. Understanding the meaning of Martial Arts (empty self), is the main reason why we practice the art form.